Impact to Families


Loss of dedicated family time

When districts have inconsistent and early school start dates, dedicated family time is disrupted. Studies have shown time and time again that families who spend time together have happier, healthier children that do better in school. Family time promotes emotional health in children, which is linked to a greater likelihood that they will avoid risky behaviors such as drug use, or suffer from depression. When we start school earlier, family time decreases. With a later school start date, we believe families will thrive.


Chaos in scheduling

School calendars are a source of confusion and anxiety for many parents because of the various days school districts designate as staff development, student holidays, and other reasons. These confusing and inconvenient days off create situations where parents have to take off work and lose wages, schedule babysitters, and rearrange their entire family's routine. With more consistent school start dates, this confusion could be resolved as a later school start date would lead to a more efficient calendar more respectful of parent's time and family budgets. Ultimately, starting school earlier in the year does not necessarily equate to more classroom time, but rather confusion and frustration on the part of many parents.


Volunteerism and Community Engagement

Community engagement and volunteer hours are a necessary step in the college admissions process. These volunteer opportunities are prevalent during the summers and provide an opportunity for families to volunteer together. With early school start dates, students have less time to complete the necessary hours for their college applications.

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Health and Wellness

July and August are known for being the hottest times of year in Texas. Recent reports have shown that most school districts do not have buses equipped with air conditioning. A recent article showed Central Texas students on a school bus in 100+ degree weather, with no air conditioning. If Texas schools started school in September, temperatures are beginning to cool and students are at less risk for heat related health issues.