Learn the Issue

What is the issue?

The Texas Education Code requires student instruction to begin no earlier than the 4th Monday in August. However, in 2015, the legislature created the Districts of Innovation program, with an amendment that allowed school districts flexibility in choosing their own school start date. While we are supportive of Districts of Innovation, we believe this school start date flexibility negatively impacts the state's economy and disrupts family time for all Texans. A+ Texas supports securing a consistent school start date in September that supports the Texas economy and restores family time for all Texans.

What does this mean for academic performance?

There is no statistical evidence showing early start dates improve K-12 educational achievement, attendance, or graduation rates for school children. Many schools who start school early will not be providing additional days of student instruction. In fact, some will provide fewer days of classroom instruction.

What does this mean for families?

Because of inconsistent and early school start dates, many experience a loss of dedicated family time, chaos in scheduling which results in lost wages and interrupted routines, less time dedicated to community engagement and volunteerism, and a decline in health and wellness for the entire family.

What are the economics?

Small businesses have reported losing millions of dollars in revenues because of the staggered and inconsistent school start dates, forcing workforce reductions and business contractions. Some businesses with plans for millions of dollars in expansions and capital investments in the state have delayed, cancelled or relocated their plans out of state due to inconsistent and early school start dates.