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Research shows that as many as 160,000 Texas businesses, including many small and family businesses are impacted by school start dates. #aplustexas #schoolstartdate

Studies have shown time and time again that families who spend time together have happier, healthier children that do better in school. #aplustexas #schoolstartdate

Balancing holiday business with school starts

Geneva-on-the-Lake businesses say their reputation as a summer destination could suffer because high schoolers can't help keep businesses open on Labor Day.

"Most of those workers are local high school students who can work when they're not in school. Donniellia estimated it costs the kids who have to stop working when school starts about $1,000 in lost wages that could help boost the local economy even more."

If Texas schools started school in September, summer temperatures are beginning to cool and students are at less risk for heat related health issues. #aplustexas #schoolstartdate