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Family time promotes emotional health in children, which is linked to a greater likelihood that they will avoid risky behaviors such as drug use, or suffer from depression. When we start school earlier, family time decreases. #schoolstartdate #familytime

Increased time enjoying green spaces is beneficial for cognitive abilities. Exposure to nature has been linked to lower stress levels and mental health, but new studies find it is also associated with higher scores on standardized tests. #schoolstartdate #greenspace

Get those kids outside and let them play, occupational therapist urges | CBC News

Kids should be spending at least three hours of outdoors a day — and preferably left to their own devices, a pediatric occupational therapist is recommending.

The benefits of getting children outside and moving can't be overstated - and summertime is perfect for it. Protect summer vacation and encourage students to get outside and play! #summerbreak

Heard about the summer slide? University of Texas researcher cannot prove learning gap is true

Parents, what I'm about to tell you might blow your mind.The "Summer Slide" — that idea that kids lose a month or two of learning in the

“You should read to children in the summer,” von Hippel says, “but it’s not clear children lose that much knowledge.” #summerslide #schoolstartdate

"I used to be a big believer in summer learning loss... but my belief has been shaken." The way student performance is tested and scored is not always an accurate reflection of actual student performance. #schoolstartdate #summerslide